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123Movies is a free streaming platform that is very popular all around the world for its enormous amount of movies and tv series available online in good quality for the unregistered users worldwide. This website is offering more than 15.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes for free in HD quality, being one of the biggest collections that you've ever seen on a free streaming platform. 123Movies has been created so many years ago and it already passed the test of time, being trusted by millions of people who are always coming back here for the best movies and shows. It's not a surprise that 123Movies is the most popular site and there are so many cloned sites. We can assure you that this is the original 123Movies website and now that you've discovered us there is no need to spend more time looking for alternatives, this is the best place where you can watch movies and series online for free and we promise that we will never disappoint you.

The Story of 123Movies

We are sure that you've visited 123Movies at least one time before and this is not the first time when you come here to watch movies and series online free, but you probably don't know anything about the story behind this streaming site. It has been created around 2010 so a decade ago, that's a lot of time. The first one or two years were pretty hard for us because there were many things that we had to learn and figure out how the streaming industry works but after some time we started to do a really great job publishing movies online. Eventually 123Movies became one of the most popular free streaming platforms in the world after a few years of hard work. We had some problems in 2017 with the government and we were forced to close the website but now we are back. We are now using a different web address, of course, and the design of the website have been changed a little bit because time has passed, the technology has advanced and even if the site doesn't look familiar anymore, we can assure you that we are the original 123Movies site where you can watch thousands of movies and series online for free in HD quality. Behind this website there is a team of online streaming fans who get together in order to build the biggest streaming platform in the world and we've made it.

Reasons to Watch Movies on 123Movies

There are probably thousands of free streaming sites and it became very difficult for the usual visitors to decide which one is the best site to watch movies and series online free and who they should trust or not. Our only interest is to offer you free movies because this is our passion. We are not asking for registration, you can watch anything as a guest visitor and also we are not asking you for any money in return of our streaming services. 123Movies started as a completely free website and that's how it will remain until the end. We don't even have a donations page and we are not using any advertising, all the expensive maintenance costs of running this website are supported from our own pockets.

As we said at the beginning of the article, our database is huge and it includes tens of thousands of movies and episodes online for free. In our latest update we've added English subtitles wherever it was necessary because we've received some complains. There are a few good movies and shows which are dubbed in other languages but now they benefit of suitable subtitles and everyone can understand those productions.

123Movies currently has probably the most beautiful design theme for a streaming site. Amazing features, easy to use, buttons placed in handy spots, massive quanitity of production, very easy browsing through our collection because it is very well organized with filters and categories, two search forms to find the content faster, only high quality content, instant loading video players, optimized navigation menu, these are just a few of the qualities of 123Movies and the reasons why this should be your main source of online movies and series.